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The Mystery of Arulvakku (Divine Voice)

True Divine Voice“Gurur-Brahma GururVishnu-Gurur-Devo-Maheswara

Guru sat-Sat parabrahma- thasmai-shri Guruvae namaha”.

In the ancient vedic times many sages observed hard penance and performed deep meditation and realised the truth which was written down as slokas in sanskrit. Later down shlokas were compiled by sage vyas and produced as the vedas: Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva. Further more, these vedas were elaborately described in the form of upanishads. Bhagavad gita is the gist and necatar of the upanishads.

All these scriptures comprises of God’s word and spiritual pearls. In the similar fashion, Swamiji’s sayings were God’s word and pearls of the absolute truth. These absolute truth or divine voice and divine oracles can never be destroyed by time, period and era, and will stay forever in this world.