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Divine Oracle of Ramanswamiji (Arulvakku – Deivavaaku)

Ramanswamiji oozes love and compassion for the entire creation enlightness all the people about the basic of morality and spirituality and infuses faith in God and oneself. It unites all people of all religions into one mass of humanity. He inspires all of them towards the noble path of morality and spirituality. It assures all that all their worldly and spiritual problems, difficulties and worries shall be removed as soon as they step in to his “Ananda Dwaraka” at Chinnathirupathy. By his divine voice he has brought out lakhs of people from their worries and problems.

Any where in the world the people may be, Swamiji will vanish their entire problems from his Mahasannidhanam. So, What ever problems your have, you have to get his divine voice and get divine solution for your entire problems.