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Ask Devine Voice


Ask Divine voice for Marriage related issues

Before marriage problems

  • When will my marriage
  • Marriage is been from relative side or new relation
  • Doshas in your life line that makes obstacles in marriage
  • More than one marriage

After marriage problems

  • Husband and wife problems
  • Divorced and legal related issues
  • Childless problems
  • Problems occurred by third person in family

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Ask Divine voice For Love related issues.

  • If my love get success
  • My lover is trust worthy
  • Did i get acceptance from my family for my love?
  • Problems occurred by third person in love

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Ask divine voice for business related issues

  • Can I do own business?
  • Which business is suitable for me?
  • Problems and obstacles in present business
  • Business can’t run because of over debts
  • Misunderstandings between partners
  • Can I get foreign orders
  • Can I get help from government

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Ask divine voice for education

  • Higher education is possible for me
  • Which branch of study is suitable for me?
  • Continuous arrears in examinations
  • No concentration on education and studies
  • Can I get overseas education opportunities?

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Ask divine voice for job

  • Can I get job in MNC companies?
  • Can I get permanent job?
  • Can I get overseas job opportunities?
  • Problems in employment place
  • When I get job?
  • Is it good job for me?
  • Obstacles in getting promotion
  • Can I get government job?
  • Can I get success in government examinations for job?

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Ask divine voice for family

  • Problems in family
  • Misunderstandings between family members
  • Problems in sharing the family property
  • Family deity
  • Ancestors curse and doshas in family
  • Family welfare

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Ask divine voice for your personal questions

  • can I get government job or private job
  • Black magic
  • Incurable diseases
  • No peace in life
  • Wealth
  • Can I built own house and when
  • Problems in house
  • Enemy problems
  • Continuous accidents
  • Any of the family members is missing
  • Can I get my ancestral property?

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