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Anugraha Guru Raman Swamiji

Swamiji is the teacher who teaches just by his grace. His glance or touch has the power to purify the devotee. He need not any scriptural knowledge nor intellectual capacity, yet he is able to purify the heart and mind of the devotees just by pouring his grace, for as soon as purity is attained, truth reveals itself to his practisant. Here it is the oceanic of the Guru that works the miracle of turning the heart and mind of the devotee god ward. Even an impure soul could be converted into a high order of devotee by the touch of the guru. In most cases it is the preparation on the part of the devotee to receive such an alchemic touch of the Guru. The Guru should concentrate and intend to transmit his spiritual vibrations through such a touch. It is a scientific fact that the eyes and the fingers are powerful channels through which the vibration of one individual passes to the other. So through the touch, the power of the Guru passes on to the devotee and his divine touch will eradicate all his sins and purifies him. Such a powerful Indian Guruji is Raman Swamiji. Lakhs of devotees through Swamiji’s divine blessings and divine touch have been benefited materially and spiritually. They have enormous benefits instantly by his grace.